Terms and Conditions

1) Operation

Introduction: Eurobike (Extra d.o.o) sets its Terms and Conditions, sells goods on its own behalf and account. Extra d.o.o. is responsible for the published content and performance of contracts in accordance with the published conditions.

General Terms and Conditions: The buyer can be any individual or legal person, regarding to the information provided at placing the order. The buyer certifies that he accepts the General Terms and Conditions posted on this site and other published conditions and changes that the manager will be posted on this site. Extra d.o.o. and natural persons shall be do business according these Terms and Conditions and the consumer protection law.

Commercial terms and Conditions: Published prices may change without prior notification and publication in the online store. If the price is changed, the provider, Extra d.o.o. , is obliged to inform the customer via email. For the purchase the prices are applicable at the time of ordering. Accepted orders are further considered as an irrevocable contract. The purchaser may, without further liability, cancel the order until receiving the electronic notification of the order.

Implementation of the contract or rejection: Extra d.o.o. will carry out the orders in the shortest possible time. First, we will notify you with a message to your email address. Contracts which have not been submitted in accordance with these terms or which were contracted with methods that can be characterized as an unauthorized use of electronic data exchange can be canceled. Extra d.o.o. can refuse orders under certain conditions.

Delivery time: In the case of a longer delivery time we will notify you by email or telephone call. We are not responsible for products that cannot be delivered form the manufacturer or distributor.

2) How to purchase online

Shopping in our onlinestore: You get a step-by-step explanation of our system.

Information regarding your purchase: You will get all information regarding your order in a separate email.

Receipt of wrong goods: In the case that you receive the wrong goods or wrong designs as ordered, please notify us by email. In this case, you will send the goods back to us at our expense. The money will be immediately refunded. This can happen especially when a supplier, despite confirmation of delivery, send a same-like product with different specifications. Be aware that we have in our online store enormous technical goods where there is only very little difference in their specifications and designs!

Supply of goods from abroad: In the case that we cannot provide goods from Slovenia we will try to get them from abroad. In this case we will notify you by email. We will inform you about the new delivery time and we will also ask if you want to wait for this long-term supply. The new delivery time can also be longer than promised. If the price may be different than in our online store, we will inform you too. On the basis of your agreement we will then arrange the delivery.

You ordered the goods and you do not receive them in the promised time: In this case, please write us an email. Such a case is exceptional and could be caused by mistakes during the online commerce.

Replacement of goods, if you ordered the wrong goods: In this case, the costs of sending the wrong products back to us and the right product back to you are paid by you.

Supply of goods: Deadline for the delivery of goods is determined by the number of products available. About the time of delivery of your ordered goods, you will be informed when ordering online.

No response of the customer: In the case that we do not receive an answer to our email within 10 days, the order will be automatically canceled.

Wrong shipping costs: Please be careful during your registration, if you choose the wrong country the shipping costs will be calculated incorrectly in the onlinestore.

Supply of goods: Deadline for the delivery of goods is determined by the number of products available in most cases within 10 days. About the time of delivery of your ordered goods, you will be informed when ordering online. The manufacturer and distributer are responsible for the delivery of the products.

3) Payment

Payment on delivery: Payment on delivery is only available for the transport company GLS. Payment with credit card is only possible immediately on delivery with the transport company GLS.

Advance payment: You will receive all information after ordering.

Payment with Pay Pal: Pay Pal is the most widespread and most used Internet payment. It can be used in other countries too. The system is simple also for payments between different countries. The buyer is obliged to acquaint himself with the means of payment with Pay Pal. If paying with PayPal there will be no information of the payment passed to our website, so we do not see your credit card number or other payment methods. All we see is that you choose the PayPal payment method! About Pay Pal…Read more...

Pay Pal makes it easy to pay with bank cards as follows...

Shipping: We will calculate the cost of shipping at the end of your order in our online store.

The right of cancellation and refund of the purchased goods: Buyers have the right to return goods up to fourteen (14) days without any reason. However, the buyer is obliged to bear the costs incurred from the return of the purchase. The cancellation must be announced to the provider within 14 days of receipt of the goods, through oral, written or email notification (Extra d.o.o. Čučkova Street 6 / a, Ptuj 2250 info@eurobike.si) The goods have to be returned within 30 days after sending the notice of cancellation (physical to the company headquarter or by mail). A return of the goods within 14 days after receiving without a notification shall also be considered as a cancellation from the purchase. Products must be unused, undamaged and in original packaging. There must be a copy of the invoice. The provider returns the entire purchase price within 14 days from the receipt of the returned goods. Refund costs are covered by the sender himself. In case of delivery at our expense, we will demand a refund of the cost charged to the valid pricelist of the transport comany.

Claims within the period of warranty: All products have a warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer at least for 12 months. Consumer goods (chain, brake pads ...) have no warranty. The manufacturer guarantees that the product will perfectly serve its purpose if the given instructions are followed. You can make use of the warranty directly from the importer or from the bike service. The manufacturer guarantees that he will on its own expense remove deficiencies or defects of the product. If the complaint is valid, come to our store in Ptuj (Čučkovi Street 6 / A) and bring along the original packaging together with the guarantee card and the invoice. The deadline for the elimination of defects during the warranty period is 45 days from the date of receipt of the complaint. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase. This warranty does not apply, if the buyer treats the product falsely or negligently, failure due to force majeure (lightning) or mechanical damage by the buyer. This warranty does not apply, if the buyer does not submit a properly completed warranty certificate or invoice for the product.

Damage during transport: The buyer is obliged to examine the delivered package. In the event of damaged items the buyer is obliged to draw up an official record of damage with the person of the transport company. The buyer will refuse the delivery, which goes together with the official record back to the sender. The sender will be informed of the damaged items and is responsible for a new consignment.

Damage: The seller is not liable for any damages resulting from improper or negligent use of the products.

Records: Customer’s records kept by the company Extra d.o.o. will not be provided to third parties. Extra d.o.o. can use the information to inform their customers about news. Customers may unsubscribe at any time.

Errors in data and entries of products: Since we have on our website many products, there could possibly be some mistakes. For this reason, we have added links to the original manufacturer's site where you can check the accuracy of the data. We reserve the right not to sell articles, if we find that the information on our website is false due to transmission errors. These cases are practically none, but because they can accidentally occur, we advise checking the accuracy of the information on the manufacturers' sites as well. However, thank you for your patience and understanding.

Purchases of legal persons and companies: Goods must be paid before delivery.

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