Tips for servicing your bike

Tips for servicing your bike:

Servicing bikes:

We recommend that after every season you should make a maintenance service. This service includes a dismantling of all bicycle parts in order to clean and lubricate them. If necessary, the last part of the frame will be adjusted as well as the rear derailleur. This is a necessity for a proper working bicycle. Then all parts and devices will be set (gearboxes, brakes, lights) and the wheels will be centred. Such a serviced bike is ready for a safe cycling in the next season. Every bike also has so-called consumable parts. These include the chain, the sprockets (gears), tyres, brake pads, luminaries...

For tyres, lights and brake pads, it is not difficult to assess when they need to be replaced on the bike. When the chain needs a replacement is in turn impossible to evaluate at home.

The chain must be replaced between 2000 and 7000 kilometres. If you ride with lower power or higher frequency, you will be using the chain for a longer time than conversely.

If you use a bike computer, you can keep track of mileage. For 10 gear sprockets consult our service team after km 2000, with nine regular sprockets after km 3000, with cheaper bikes before km 1500. In the event that you do not use a bike computer, come to our service after certain kilometres. We will check the chain and advise you after how many extra miles of driving a replacement is necessary or if it should be changed immediately. The chain is one of the parts that can cause even more damage than other parts of the bike. There are several types of manufacturers, but it is certainly true that it is best to use (for Campagnolo and Shimano freewheel bodies) the same manufacturer as the rear sprocket. For Sram equipment, it is also better to use the chain of the manufacturer Sram.

If the chain is not replaced in time, you can of course ride the bicycle but a worn out chain will begin to destroy first the rear sprockets then the front ones. The chain can even tear apart. A destroyed chain will jump in the freewheel when you start pressing the crank (pedal). In both cases it is necessary to replace both, the chain and the sprockets (occasionally also the complete front gears with crank arm, depending on the model).

Replacing these parts also means huge costs (always depending on the equipment)!

Also note that you should ensure a proper compressed air in the tyres (inner tubes). Otherwise, you will damage the rims, spokes and the tyres are worn-out faster!

We do not recommend servicing your bike at home, because you need special tools for a proper service. Wrong adjustments can do significant damage, especially to middle- and high-class bikes!

Bring your bike always to the service point, if you notice a damage on the bike. Do not wait until the bike is not running anymore (you will significantly reduce costs). When you do not ride your bike, leave the chain on the smallest front sprocket and in most cases also on the smallest rear sprocket (ask your service technician). This takes the load off the wires and the shifting system.

When you do not ride your bike, leave the chain as follows on the sprockets:

On the front sprockets on the smallest one and on the rear sprockets, for all road bikes on the smallest sprocket and in most cases of all other bicycles on the smallest sprocket too (consult your bicycle service, as the right position depends on the rear derailleur at the bicycle).

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