How to clean your bike

How to clean your bike:

Cleaning your bicycle in season:

1) Cleaning bicycles:

We recommend the following procedure (there are several ones, but this is the simplest and most efficient one which does not significantly harm the wheel):

  • You need: a sponge (for washing cars), a bucket with warm water and foam (using environmentally friendly shampoos to wash), environmentally friendly spray for degreasing the bicycle parts and a stream of clean water.

With the degreasing spray, spray the chain, the rear and front sprockets. Always spray under small angle from left to right and away from the disc brake. Be aware that the rotor and the caliper do not get sprayed! If you notice on the frame or ring greasy parts which you cannot wash off, also spray them (if there is no need it is not recommended). Let the spray works in 3 to 5 minutes. After that time use the sponge and the water with foam and clean the whole bicycle. Always start at the handlebars and clean parts of the wheel from top to bottom. Once you have cleaned, wash the bicycle off with clean water (never under pressure!). If the chain, sprockets and gears remain dirty, repeat the above mentioned procedure. Disc brake parts should be cleaned with warm water and foam and washed off with a stream of pure water. The bicycle then has to dry (do not leave it overnight!). Grease your bicycle by following these instructions: grease the chain with chain oil (we provide an excellent spray too). Put the chain on the last sprocket in the middle. Spray the chain and rear sprocket 2 seconds, stay away from the disc brakes! Then shift the gears, so that all the grease can be transferred. If you over-greased the chain, you will immediately make your bicycle dirty again. Never lubricate your bicycle with chain grease, WD40 or with various other (waste, kitchen) oils! If you will spray your bicycle as described, you will not even see that the bicycle is greased.

2) Lubrication of bikes:

After each ride on a dirty ground, it is necessary to clean your bicycle as mentioned above. Because we are all short of time, we will not do this regularly. If the bicycle is not cleaned that way, spray the moving parts of the gears and any wires under the frame withWD-40. The chain should be sprayed, if there is a very loud sound during pedaling ("squeaks") or when we see signs of rust. This lubrication should not be made regularly, because otherwise the chain makes an even greater layer of dirt. If you over-greased the chain, there will be traces of oil on the bicycle and finally on your feet during the ride. Be aware to lubricate only so much that the movable parts move without any resistance and that there is no resistance between chain and sprockets. This can extend the lifespan of the chain which is also dependent on your pedaling while riding and how the pressure is relieved on the crank arm while riding in the time of shifting. 

3) The selection of lubricants for lubrication of chains and gears:

Be very careful when you are shopping chain sprays:

  • With certain lubricants (which is not the same lubricant for chains!) spray the following parts: the front and rear derailleur, front and rear brake (not brake pads), the part between the saddle and frame, the part between wire (Bowden) and frame,the cleats and click pedals (even the whole, especially the moving parts). Then wipe off the sprayed parts with a dry cloth.
  • When the process is finished, shift the gears, so that the chain can go through all possible gears (both front and rear). Never lubricate the hub (with 7000 annual, it is enough to rub it once a year) or any other parts that are not described, on yourself at home. This, we will do for you accurately in our provided service.

When you do not ride your bike, leave the chain as follows on the sprockets:

On the front sprockets on the smallest one and on the rear sprockets, for all road bikes on the smallest sprocket and in most cases of all other bicycles on the smallest sprocket too (consult your bicycle service, as the right position depends on the rear derailleur of the bicycle).

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