Buying bikes generally

Buying bikes generally:

Along with technology, cycling is also developing fast. If we compare, for example, the frame size setting today with the one a few years ago, we will face a completely different technique. Today there are also several types of adult bicycles: road bikes for men or women, road bikes with flat handlebars (road transfer), trekking bikes with flat handlebars (front carbon fork-transfer trekking), trekking bikes for men or women, full suspension bikes, full suspension bikes for women, mountain bikes for men, mountain bikes WSD (frames for women), electric bikes and since 2011 the 29" bikes...

Because the bestsellers are road bikes with high handlebars, more and more manufacturers of road racing bikes started to produce more comfortable frames for a more comfortable posture while riding. This is much more suitable for recreational cyclists. If you need further information don’t hesitate to contact us.

All these frames have different sizes (some in cm, and the other in inches,).

Which bike to buy for which purpose? If...

MTB-mountain bike: you will be riding mostly off the road and asphalt surfaces; you will not riding downhill fast

Trekking bike: you will be riding at least 50% on asphalt surfaces

Road bike: you like bikes without suspension which are very light. If you ride a lot, you're a fan of asphalt surfaces and you want max. speed

Fitness bike: you don’t like suspension and you want a quick and light bike. If you like cycling on asphalt surfaces and if you want a higher grip for your hands on the handlebars

Road bike with flat handlebars: you want a light bike without suspension. If you are cycling a lot and you are a fan of asphalt surfaces. You want max. speed and you do not want a low grip for your hands on the handlebars like on road bikes

Full suspension bike: you are a fan of challenging terrains, fast descents, adrenalin, …

City bike: you will be using the bicycle in means of transport, for example when you go to the city, you will be riding mostly on asphalt surfaces

BMX dirt bike: you will be doing "crazy stuff" on modified surfaces

Cruiser bike: you like bikes with a special look

Tricycle bike: you have troubles with balancing, or other problems

Folding bike: you want a bike that you can take with you on a trip and that takes up little space

Electric bike: you need electronic assistance while you are riding. In many countries, those bikes are fast-selling items, since the bikes are used for transport instead of cars!

29" bike: you like bikes with 29" tyres that have a larger diameter than Mountain and Trekking bikes. Compared with MTB bikes, the 29" tyres have a better grip due to the larger diameter.


For the frame size the bike length is next to the height also very important. Therefore, it often happens that we have to give customers another frame size as it would be suitable according to the height. This happens especially when the ratio of the legs and the torso of the customer are out of proportion.

In these modern times, there are also different types of frames. Some buyers make a big mistake by pretending to already know the right frame size  for the bike (usually we hear that it must be the same as it was several years ago). However, the frame size cannot be determined on basis of tables which show the right frame size to the height of the customer.

Keep in mind that there are many qualities of aluminum and carbon frames. You will get further information when purchasing a bike, because there are slight differences for every model.


  • Frames of women’s bikes are completely different in geometry (dimensions) compared to bikes for men. They are especially designed for the female body what is highly relevant for a good feeling while cycling.
  • Despite your height, you will need different frame sizes for one or the other model. This is because there are classic frames and so-called "Race" frames. When you sit on one or another type of frame, you will have an entirely different posture (despite the fact that you have the appropriate size of frame). If you decide for a "Race" frame, you have to choose a smaller frame size than the classical frame would be.
  • In cheaper price categories, manufacturers produce only one frame size for men and women.  Of course, if you think of doing serious cycling we will not recommend such a bike.

Main faults for the purchase

  • Looking only for bikes with low or reduced prices: With a purchase of a cheap bicycle, you will indeed save some money, but it is questionable if you can get the right frame size. In many cases customers suffer from discomfort or pain with such bikes. Many customers also later realise that they practically threw away their money (instead of saving); because when they are trying a bike with the right frame size they soon replace the old, cheap with the new one.
  • Buying only a cheap bike for about € 150: If you are a beginner and you think in that way, this is your biggest mistake. Since those bikes are mostly of poor quality (and will soon be repaired) and in a worse condition than comparable other bikes. Therefore, you won’t have much fun with it. Despite the small price, it will end up mostly in the basement.
  • Buying bikes in big supermarkets, because they are a few Euros cheaper than in specialty stores: As you know, there will not be any providing of services in supermarkets in case of problems with your purchased bike. However, if you buy your bike in a bike shop, where the level of service is good, it is more worthwhile. When something goes wrong, you will always have to pay for the service in the supermarket. The reparation can also last several days. If you purchase your bike in a bike shop, you will save this money and you will get a fast solution of your problems. Often the initial discount of the supermarket can be completely lost and worth nothing. Of course all specialised retailers take care of their customers individually.
  • I want to buy a mountain bike because it has a good price, although I will mostly cycle on asphalt: Always buy this type of bike (Trekking, Road, Mountain) which is suitable for your cycling. When you buy a mountain bike, but you will mostly cycle on asphalt, a change to slick tyres is practically a necessity, going along with extra costs. When you are riding with such a bike along someone who has a Trekking bike you will not keep up with him/her. Most likely you will then buy a new, more suitable bike and spend extra money again. Therefore, one should buy a bike according to the purpose!
  • Buying a bike abroad or in a neighbouring city, because of the cheaper price: Once, you have realised over the years that you need for any repair, adjustment or service to go abroad (usually your bike is transported by car), you will think that a purchase in your home town is more convenient. Of course, this is the case when the bike can be offered in your home town.
  • I buy the bike which is already available in the shop: Be careful, because many sellers sell bikes in their store because they just want to get rid of them. If you are not sure that the seller has no choice to order a more suitable one for you, look for further information anywhere. In the "real" shops, you will mostly have to wait for your bike because it will be ordered for you.
  • Women buy men’s bikes, because there is no frame especially for women: This is for women a major problem, since unknown brands do not produce special frames for women or only one standard. For small women or large women, there are no small or large frames available. We suggest that in such cases you should decide for more respectable brands. Frames for women are already offered in all types of bicycles (road, mountain, full suspension,...). If you buy a bike with a woman's frame, you must again have the right size, otherwise it is pointless.
  • We both need a new bike, but for my partner I will buy a cheaper one than for myself: This is a big mistake. If you cycle with your partner, he or she should have a bike with the same quality. Otherwise, if you are cycling together, your partner will not be able to keep up with you. Besides, it may happen that due to the additional effort of the cycling partner, he or she will no longer have fun.

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